Senin, 23 April 2012

Conditional Sentences

1. Conditional (Kalimat Pengandaian) menjelaskan bahwa sebuah kegiatan bertentangan dengan kegiatan yang lain. Conditional yang paling umum adalah Real Conditonal dan Unreal Conditonal, kadang-kadang disebut juga if-clauses.

2. Bentuk Conditional Sentences :
- Zero Conditional
- Real Conditional
- Unreal Conditional
- Conditional Tipe III

3. 10 kalimat yang menggunakan Conditional Sentences :
- If it doesn’t rain, I will go shopping.
- If you had studied hard, you would have passed the exam.
- If you start thinking about this game, it will drive you crazy.
- If you came home earlier, I would make you a cake.
- If I hadn’t helped you, you would have failed
- If it had been sunny, we could have gone out.
- I would buy a new car, if I won the competition
- I won’t mark your homework, unless you hand it in.
- Unless you hand in your homework, I won’t mark it.
- Water boils if you heat it to 100 degrees Celsius.

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