Senin, 23 April 2012

Contoh kalimat passive

1. 10 kalimat passive berbentuk negatif :

1. Fani isn't helped by Nick
2. The food wasn't ate by Nick
3. Faisal isn't kicked by Fani
4. A ceremony is not held by somebody
5. The car was not stolen by him
6. The castle wasn't built by the King of Majapahit
7. The house wasn't built by me
8. The dog wasn't not kicked by me
9. The boat wasn't kicked by Sangkuriang
10. The paper isn't cut by Fani

2. 10 kalimat pasif berbentuk kalimat tanya

1. Will you bring your pen?
2. Is the school uniform wasn't wearing by her?
3. Is cake made by her?
4. Is Siska helped by Indri?
5. Is donat eaten by Andri?
6. Is that boy who kicking Bowo?
7. Did she pass the test?
8. Does today I go to campus?
9. Is today is a sunny day said the Forecast?
10. Is cake eaten by her?

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